85 per cent of business can access 100Mb/1Gb service

Virgin launches unlimited Big Red Internet broadband

Virgin Media Business announced that it plans to offer business customers unlimited bandwidth on the 100Mbit/s and 1Gbit/s services.

The company better known for consumer broadband service has around 1,500 corporate customers and said the change was due to the findings of a survey which said that the firms felt restrictions on Internet access had hurt their productivity.

The new service will be called Big Red Internet and aims to provide businesses with unlimited bandwidth. Virgin said that the change was practical because the network was largely unused during business hours with peak traffic occuring round 10pm at night.

With pricing at around £12,000 a year for 100Mbit/s and £22,000 a year for 1Gbit/s, rival ISPs may find it hard to match such a deal. The company also offers managed versions an extra £1,000 for the 100Mbit/s and £3,000 for the 1Gbit/s service.

The services have a three year contract length and can be installed within 60 days including necessary local works to gain access to the local street cabinet. Virgin said around 85 per cent of businesses could be physically connected to Virgin’s network and installation was free of charge.

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