US authorities settle employment investigation

Apple, Google and Intel allowed to poach each other’s execs

Leading tech firms including Google, Apple and Intel have reached a settlement with the US Department of Justice which will allow the companies to poach each other’s top talent.

According to Reuters, the companies had previously reached various agreements with each other not to cold call the other firms’ employees. Apple had deals with Adobe, Pixar and Google, which itself also had agreements with Intel and Intuit.

However, The Department of Justice said these deals violated anti-trust laws, as agreeing not to lure away each other’s staff could stifle competition for the highest skilled workers and keep wages down. The firms have now been barred from making these sorts of agreements.

"The companies engaged in a practice of agreeing not to cold call any employee at the other company," the department said. "The complaint indicates that the agreements were formed and actively managed by senior executives of these companies."

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