Michael Pachter says OnLive streaming may kill off PlayStation 4

New games consoles ‘may not succeed’

Streaming videogaming services like OnLive could spell doom for the next generation of consoles according to industry analysts Michael Pachter.

IncGamers asked investment Wedbush Morgan analyst Pachter whether he believed OnLive could compete with the next generation of games consoles from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo in four to five years time.

“I’m not sure where OnLive will be by then. If they can deliver a similar 3D/virtual reality experience (to Move and Kinect), we may not see new consoles succeed," said Pachter.

Pachter apparently believes that motion controller schemes such as Move and Kinect will be key to the future success of video gaming platforms. Yet Pachter has been critical of Kinect saying that the device is too costly, calling Microsoft’s motion controller a "limited device" and that the Nintendo Wii was better value.

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