CEO says Americans wont notice Canada gets cheaper movies

Netflix: Americans are ‘self absorbed’

Following the launch of movie streaming and DVD rental service Netflix in Canada, CEO Reed Hastings said that that "Americans are somewhat self-absorbed."

The comment was made in response to an interview question from The Hollywood Reporter which asked if the CEO was concerned about whether American customers would ask for the same pricing as the less expensive per-movie rental cost of $7.99 in Canada.

"How much has it been your experience that Americans follow what happens in the world? It’s something we’ll monitor, but Americans are somewhat self-absorbed," said Hastings.

Netfix Canadian launch gained notoriety as reports emerged that the American company had hired actors to bolster the launch event with an instruction sheet revealed to the local press which told actors to play various types of potential Netflix fans such as film buffs, geeks and couch potatoes.

Hastings had also been asked about International expansion plans, saying that the company was "open-minded" pointing to Western Europe, Latin America, Asia or Russia as the next launch target.

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