Founders apologise from "bottom of our hearts" shutdown is a marketing hoax

The shutdown of retro PC game online retailer was little more than a marketing stunt with a revamped site to launch tomorrow.

The shutdown wording which appeared in plain text on the site had said that the site site couldn’t keep operating the way it was, which it now seems was a facetious way to introduce a relaunch of which has apparently been in beta for two years. 

The site is now hosting one might be described as an ‘eccentric’ marketing video of the founders dressed in monks, apologising for their ‘sins’.

When the retailer open its doors again there will be a number of new (old) games on offer including the RPG masterpeice Baldur’s Gate: The Original Saga for the princely sum of $9.95 US.

There are four videos on the website discussing the relaunch. They’re all of a similar rambling irreverant style as the monk ‘apology’.

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