Graphics specialist spills the beans at GPU technology conference

Nvidia Tegra 3 almost done, next-gen Keplar due late 2011

Nvidia CEO Jen-hsun Huang said that the graphics technology firm’s Tegra 3 for mobile devices is nearly complete.

Speaking at the company’s GPU Technology Conference, Huang laid out an aggressive plan of yearly updates for the company’s system-on-chip Tegra chips. "Tegra 3 is almost done, Tegra 4 is being built," he said.

Huang also unveiled a more distant successor to the firm’s powerful Fermi GPU on desktop computers code named Kepler. Due in late 2011, Huang said that Kepler would offer three to four times the performance at the same levels of power consumption. The project familiar represents an investment of $2 billion in R&D with "hundreds of engineers" working on the next gen GPU.

However Huang admitted that the firm’s efforts in the mobile space with Tegra had been less successful than hoped. "The Tegra business is probably a year behind my goals,” said Huang at a new conference. However he sold up the prospects of the current generation Tegra while revealing a successor is close at hand.

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