VIDEO: Impressive device took two years to build

Man unveils homemade handheld coilgun

A man in the US has built a fully functioning homemade coilgun and posted a technical documentary and test firing video on YouTube.

Known only as "Jason", an enthusiast in the United States has created a handheld battery powered coilgun which uses capacitors to store up a large electrical charge before dumping then into coil which magnetically fires a large metallic projectile.

Looking like something out of a videogame, the single stage "CG-33" coilgun carries a 12V battery back good for around 15 shots. The 40 watt flyback charger takes around 30 seconds to power the capacitors up with a display on the side reading off the current charge level.

The stored electrical power of the coilgun is said to be 1.25kJ, in the realms of a convention fire arm, however the resulting kinetic energy displayed in the YouTube video is rather more modest. Still, the coilgun is merrily shown demolishing various household items belonging to the enemy.

Jason’s industrious ingenuity will surely make the forces of evil reconsider their planned invasion force of domestic accoutrements. We feel sure it’s just a matter of time before the CG-33 features in an upcoming videogame.

Hacked Gadgets has some close-up photos while the video below has test firings at about 2 minutes 50s in:

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