Ability to edit Google Docs also coming to mobile devices

Google adds two-step authentication to Google Docs

Google said that the ability to edit documents from mobile devices would soon be added to Google Docs as well as a new two-step security measure.

The Internet giant is hosting 300 IT professionals at the annual Google Atmosphere event in Paris, dedicated to cloud computing and web-based applications. Google also announced that more than 3 million businesses now used Google cloud-based services with over 30 million users in business, schools and organisations using Gmail and Google Docs.

Google Apps Premier now provides the ability to have suers sign in with a password and a one time verification code in a new two-step security process designed to decrease the risk of account hijacking. The company said it would launch the new feature to the free Standard Edition to "hundreds of millions" of Google users in the coming months.

Also demonstrated at Google Atmosphere were new mobile editing features for Google Docs on Android and the iPad. Previously the mobile interface to Google Docs has only allowed basic viewing tasks.

Google said the new editing functionality would appear within the next few weeks.

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