Booth babes and game fans dressed to impress

Cosplay out in force at Toyko Game Show 2010

The Tokyo Game Show 2010 opened to the public on the weekend, featuring a dazzling variety of costumed booth staff and game loving cosplayers.

Taking place at the Leipzig Games Convention, the annual Toyko Game Show opens its doors to the general public on the last two days of the show. Like Western game shows such as E3, TGS is a chance for game publishers to present upcoming games and game platform companies to demonstrate gaming hardware.

One particular Japanese tradition is dressing up in the costumes of game characters, also known as cosplay. TGS has always been a key date in the cosplayer calendar and 2010 was no exception. Wired’s Gamelife Blog provides some insight by talking to some of the attendee cosplayers.

They also have a comprehensive gallery featuring cosplayers attired as characters from a range of games, many obscure Japanese titles but others more recognisable such as Final Fantasy VI. 

Japan is also an environment which is rather less poltically correct than big Western shows have become in recent years, therefore barely a publisher attends without a handful of highly attractive and stunningly dressed ‘booth babes’. Check out Le vent dans les dunes’ Flickr feed below for more.

Image credit: Le vent dans le dunes (Flickr)

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