Report fuels accusations of delay tactics

Intel ‘to integrate USB 3.0 in 2012’

an Intel engineer at the firm’s IDF conference had said the company doesn’t plan to integrate USB 3.0 into Intel chipsets until 2012, according to reports.

Asian tech news site TechOn cites an unnamed Intel engineer "responsible for USB-related issues" as the source of the claim.

The company has already come under fire for delay tactics on the next-generation connection standard but it had assumed USB 3.0 support would arrive in 2011.

If the 2012 news turns out to be correct, there seem to be few other ways to interpret this other than a deliberate snub of the 5 gigabit/second upgrade of the ubiquitious USB standard. Despite an admission at the market for USB 3.0 devices would soon "explode."

Motherboard manufacturers aren’t sitting on their hands waiting for Intel, however, instead choosing to equip their products with seperate USB 3.0 IO controllers. So prevalent is the new standard that it has begun appearing even on netbook computers.

Intel has previously discussed a new optical based high speed interconnect called Light Peak, leading to speculation that the chipmaker is dragging feet over the adoption of USB 3.0 so as not to assist a potential rival to the firm’s own interconnect technology.

Intel denies such rivalry and claims Light Peak is complimentary to USB 3.0.

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