Japanese media claimed he was busted with ninja weapons

Apple denies Steve Jobs is a ninja

Apple has been forced to deny reports that Steve Jobs was caught attempting to board his private jet with a collection of ninja weaponry.

A report in Japanese SPA! magazine claimed the Apple boss declared he will never return to Japan after customs officials refused to let him board his private jet carrying a set of shurikens. Apple issued a statement calling the report "pure fiction" and that “Steve had a great time and hopes to visit Japan again soon.”

The SPA! story reported that a metal detector at the Kansai International Airport had unconvered the weapons inside Jobs’ hand luggage. The charismatic Apple boss had been returning home from a personal holiday in Japan when he ran afoul of airport security proceedures.

In an increasingly heated dispute, Jobs had reportedly said that it was unreasonable that he presented a security risk to his own plane however a spokesman for Kansai airport said that the airport had the same security requirements for private planes as any other aircraft.

The airport also confirmed that a passenger had been stopped for carrying ninja weapons and citing privacy policy refused to name the passenger who had thrown away the shurken. The airport didn’t mention any casualties involved in the aforesaid thrown shuriken.

It’s likely that Jobs was simply unaware that visiting ninjas are expected to use the secret Japanese airport reserved for stealthy martial arts experts.

He’ll know for next time.

Image credit: Percevel Knight.

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