Autobiography in print, e-book and app formats

Stephen Fry launches memoirs as iPhone app

Comedian, broadcaster and unlikely gadget blogger Stephen Fry has released his autobiography in print and as an iPhone application.

The regular version of Fry’s autobiography is called "The Fry Chronicles" but the application, called MyFry, eschews convention and takes the approach of organising the book into sections which can be read out of order, an unusually interactive way of consuming an autobiography.

"Oh my lordy lordy LORD. I have known these two weeks were coming, but it’s still a shock that they’re here already. As you might know from my #shamelesswhoring on Twitter, I have a book out this week," wrote Fry in a blog post.

Fry, a long-term Apple fan, has priced the application at £7.99 which is less expensive than the £12 e-book version although the latter will feature videos, slideshows and click-through links which again seems to push the boundaries of the e-book format. A regular hard back will also be available for £20.

Penguine publishing’s Louise Moore said: "I can’t think of a better author to launch this kind of new publishing – Stephen himself represents everything that we hold dear and value in Britain, yet at the same time has an extraordinary knowledge and love of cutting-edge technology."

"You may wonder how I feel in all this. Do I feel elated? Self-important? Proud? Ashamed? Wind-tossed? Grandiose? Impotent? Slutty? Vain?" asked Fry. "There is an element of excitement for me, certainly. I don’t think the idea of relaying a live evening to so many cinemas just for a book publishing event has been tried before."

"I always love new modes and methods. I like the fact that there are more formats of eBook, iBook, audiobook, App and traditional paper and ink than ever before. All that is pleasing and exciting."

See below for YouTube video "MyFry – An application for Mr Stephen Fry":

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