Best value ?100 video card in the UK

Nvidia launches GTS 450 range

Nvidia has launched the latest in the graphics chip maker’s Fermi-class of of GPUs, the mainstream-priced GeForce GTS 450.

Nvidia claimed that games which use DirectX 11 tessellation, the GTS 450 would be up to 65 per cent faster than the closest rival. The new $129 card represents the lowest price Fermi product the company has introduced as it competes with a range of AMD Radeon products in the higher end.

Anandtech has posted an extensive look at a number of GTS 450 graphics cards and while impressed with the GTS 450 concluded that AMD slashing the price of the Radeon 5770 represented a tough competetive target with the AMD product now also priced at around $130 but offering slightly superior performance.

However in the UK Nvidia GTS 450 cards were available for under £100 while Radeon 5770 cards still cost around £130. With the two cards neck and neck performance wise the new Nvidia GTS 450 looks set to clinch the value for money crown in the £100 category.

Dabs is listing the Palit GeForce GTS 450 783Mhz 1GB card in stock for £94.95 with free shipping. The cheapest Radeon 770 was the XFX ATI Radeon 5770 HD 1GB card (with two games) selling for £129.97.

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