VIDEO: New campaign plays on the Kindle?s strengths ? screen and price

Kindle ad targets iPad

Amazon has launched an advertising campaign that appears to target the iPads shortcomings as an e-reader.

The ad features a man trying to read from his tablet PC while sunbathing, while the obligatory bikini-clad woman uses a Kindle. He can only see his own reflection, so asks the woman how she’s able to read her device.

“It’s a Kindle,” she replies before quoting the price, remarking that it was cheaper than her sunglasses.

The ad appears to be a reaction to Apple’s attempts to position its tablet PC in the e-reader space, and plays on the two areas where Kindle shines out.

It has been noted that tablet PCs are not ideal for outdoor use, as a result of the reflective screen and there have been reports that Apple’s device can overheat in direct sunlight. The iPad also carries a price tag that’s around four times more expensive than the Kindle here in the UK.

Watch the video below to see the advert.

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