OSC accuses IPTV scheme of building walled gardens

Complaint lodged against Project Canvas

The Open Source Consortium has filed a complaint with the communications industry regulator Ofcom against the BBC-led Project Canvas.

According to the OSC, which is the fifth organisation to lodge such complaints, the project will lead to “yet another walled garden” which will cause “adverse consequences for the device and software sector, diminishing consumer choice and causing inevitable consumer harm.”

The crux of the argument lies with the proposed ‘content consumption device’, which will offer access to Project Canvas media content as well as internet and email. Apparently these devices will have an unfair advantage over other devices that would be able to access the content if it weren’t for the “arbitrary and unnecessary conditions” imposed by membership of the project.

In addition, the OSC feels that Project Canvas does not make sufficient use of Linux, except as “internal plumbing.”

“These wider effects will be the result of the BBC and its joint venture partners limiting technology choice, setting arbitrary access conditions and enforcing mandated branding decisions,” reads the OSC’s complaint.

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