Social networking used to discover when home owners away

Burglary gang used Facebook to target victims

Police in Nashua, New Hampshire cracked a burglary ring in which the criminals had use social networking sites such as Facebook to identify when the vicims would not be home.

Local news outlet WMUR 9 reported that officials believed that they had solved 18 burglaries in the city and had recovered between $100,000 and $200,000 worth of stolen property as a result of the investigation.

"Be careful of what you post on these social networking sites," said Police captain Ron Dickerson. "We know for a fact that some of these players, some of these criminals, were looking on these sites and identifying their targets through these social networking sites."

The criminals had stolen a particular type of firework and the department had urged staff to report if they heard the sound of any fireworks. An off-duty officer heard the fireworks and on investigating found a package that matched the stolen goods which lead investigators to the first of three suspects in the case.

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