$200 D-Link made device to compete with Apple TV

Boxee Box to launch in November

A new Boxee Box set-top box manufacturered by D-Link is set to arrive in the US and Europe in November with Amazon taking pre-orders now.

The company was to launch the first hardware product in the second quarter but a move from Nvidia’s Tegra 2 platform to an Intel Atom-based system resulted the delay. Networking specialist D-Link is producing the hardware which is presented in an arty ‘sunken box’ design.

The new hardware was decided upon in order to provide better support for high-profile h264 video in full 1080p resolution, one better than the new Apple TV device which can only manage 720p. Advocates of Boxee also point out that the platform is designed to accept media from any source and not locked in to Netflix. Boxee Box at $199 is, however, twice the price of Apple TV.

Boxee started out as a free home theatre PC (HTPC) media center application which had itself forked off from famous XBMC project. The company responsible has described it as the first "social media center" which provides social networking capabilities for users to recommend content to friends.

Boxee Box features an HDMI port, ethernet, Wi-Fi and a remote control with QWERTY keypad. It’s presently available on pre-order from Amazon and apparently those choosing to buy in this way will receive their hardware ahead of official release. It wasn’t more specific than "November".

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