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W3 lets users view their images on its inbuilt viewer without 3D glasses

Fujifilm 3D camera arrives

Fujifilm has launched a new camera that can create both still photos and movies in 3D.

The FinePix W3 purports to be “the world’s only true stereoscopic 3D compact camera HD with video,” allowing their users to play their content on a 3D TV via an HDMI cable.

The W3, which launches this month, records 3D movies in high definition, with stereo sound. It combines two high quality lenses and two CCD sensors, separated by a similar distance to a pair of eyes, in order to replicate the human visual system.

The dual technology also means the user can take two 2D photos at once – for example, a wide-angle and close-up or with differing sensitivities and colour balances.

Users can also view their 3D content without the need for glasses on the camera’s 3.5-inch display, or an optional eight-inch 3D digital viewer. According to the vendor, 3D photo printing will also soon be available in the UK.

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