Coordinated action in 14 countries to investigate movie file sharing group

Wikileaks ISP ‘raided’ in anti-piracy probe

The Swedish prosecutor’s office confirmed that coordinated raids had taken place in as many as 14 different countries in an investigation targetting a movie filesharing network called "The Scene."

Sweden appears to have been the most heavily targetted including Wikipedia-host PRQ although Swedish police explained that the raids had nothing to do with Wikileaks. A PRQ spokesman said the raid was "the usual file-sharing crack-down" and that they had been visited by five policemen and a locksmith.

PRQ said that the police were looking to discover the owners of two IP addresses during a period in 2009 but PRQ claimed that the ISP hosts no logs and that the ‘raid’ only got as far as the office. "So you can all rest easily," PRQ wrote in an email to customers.

The investigation appears to be headquartered in Belgium but several homes in the Swedish sites of Eskilstuna, Eslöv and Malmö had been raided as well as ISPs in Solna and the Umeå University in the North of Sweden according to Swedish English-language news web site The Local.

Notoriously persistent file sharing site the Pirate Bay had gone offline around the time of the raids leading to speculation that popular bittorrent file sharing sites were the focus of the action however within a matter of hours the Pirate Bay had reappeared.

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