Award follows BSA's ?100,000 settlement with unnamed firm

Whistleblower gets ?10,000 payoff from anti-piracy group

Anti-piracy group the Business Software Alliance has reached a £100,000 settlement with a company over the use of unlicensed software.

The action was brought through the BSA’s whistleblowing procedure, resulting in a £10,000 payout to a former employee of the unnamed media firm.

The settlement involved pirated Adobe and Microsoft products and is one of the largest cases the BSA has seen.

The group has used tip-offs extensively in the past, even going so far as to run bill-board advertisements proclaiming "Bust Your Boss!" As a reward, the former employee turned whistleblower received £10,000 from the BSA.

The group quoted the unnamed tipster as saying: "As a Microsoft IT professional it is my duty to report any known cases of unlicensed software, or risk losing my credentials."

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