British vendor unveils latest products to be designed by sound technology pioneer Ted Fletcher

Orbitsound range hits the market

Two new products from Orbitsound hit retail shelves this month – the T12 Soundbar and T4 Radiopod.

The UK firm’s range has been designed by audio technology innovator and former producer Ted Fletcher, and claims to use scientific precision in the placement of speakers within its products in order to offer high-quality depth and clarity.

The T12 v2 Soundbar is the successor to the highly popular T12, and is compatible with both iPods and iPhones. The device has been designed to fit around a flatscreen TV or to be tucked away in to a corner, using spatial audio technology to keep the sound quality consistent from any position in the room. Orbitsound claims that the T12 can even cut a staggering 40 per cent off the user’s energy consumption.

The T4 Radiopod, meanwhile, also features the spatial stereo technology. The iPod dock and radio features DAB, DAB+, FM and internet radio, and also boasts a digital alarm clock with snooze. Push-button controls and a dot-matrix display allow the user to flick through stations and podcasts.

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