Hybrid product represents significant ramifications for security market

Intel hardware-based security to hit next year

Chip giant Intel will release a hardware-based security product in 2011, having bought software specialist McAfee late last month.

The firm claims that the security software industry ‘does not fully address’ the threats facing the billions of new internet-ready devices being pushed, and that a hardware focused approach will yield better results.

The security market is almost entirely made up of software products, so Intel’s plan on infiltrating it with a totally different approach – and the fact it has an enviably sized cash war chest to throw at the project – could have significant ramifications for the sector.

“Our joint expertise will better protect consumers and businesses and drive innovation across Intel’s product offerings, and, through our world-class labs, add R&D knowledge that could quickly bring entirely new innovations to market,” an Intel spokesperson told PCR. “Hardware- enhanced security will lead to breakthrough innovations. Bringing software closer to the silicon will allow us to strengthen security to more effectively meet the increasingly sophisticated threats of the future.”

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