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Retro-remake firm displeased with editorial coverage

Commodore USA threatens to sue OS News

Enthusiast alternative computing site OS News has published details of a legal threat from Commodore USA.

Commodore USA is aiming to release a range of all-in-one computers with a similar design to the defunct Commodore computers in the 80s and 90s. However OS News has been critical of the propects of such systems arriving and called into question the rights which Commodore USA actually held.

"Unless proven otherwise, I’m assuming for now that Commodore USA is, at best, a hoax, and at worst, a very inept con," wrote OS News editor Thom Holwerda.

The site has subsequently published a scan of a legal threat in the form of a "take down" notice directly from Commodore USA boss Barry Altman. It’s subsequently been revealed that the form of the threat itself had been copied directly from activist web site ChillignEffects, complete with formatting and edits.

Holdwerda indicated that OS News would respond in the manner of "Arkell v. Pressdram" which is a famously whitty legal response to a similar legal threat, ending with an even more famous four letter profanity.

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