Junaio augmented reality smartphone app required

Royal Mail launches first ‘intelligent’ stamp

The Royal Mail has produced the first intelligent stamp which is capable of redirecting a smartphone to a related webpage.

"This is the first time a national postal service has used this kind of technology on their stamps and we’re very excited to be bringing intelligent stamps to the nation’s post," Royal Mail Stamps spokesperson Philip Parker said in a release.

However there’s nothing intelligent about the stamps but rather users of smartphones must install the Junaio augmented reality application. This software will recognise the image of the stamps and direct the smartphone browser to specially created content featuring more about the stamps.

The recently launched Junaio application allows independent content provider to create their own content in channels however unlike previous efforts such as Layer, Junaio can also recognised scanned images which is how the Royal Mail tie-in comes into play.

What would be an actual intelligent stamp would be one that contains something like a QR code so that any smartphone can be redirected to a web page without installing a third party application. That would look decidely less pictureque than latest Great British Railways stamps.

Junaio is available on the iPhone and Android platforms but the Android version is in a relatively poor state of development.

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