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New version of beeb software due soon

BBC iPlayer gets social

The BBC will shortly launch a new version of the iPlayer which will offer the ability to share comments through social networking sites.

The new IPTV application has been in beta testing since May and contains a number of new features such as greater personalisation and the ability to promote programs to friends. The Flash application will also recommend new content based on previous viewing/listening trends.

The BBC said that most of the early adopter crowd enjoyed the revamped interface but it’s not without its critics, particularly following attempts by the BBC to remove pop-out TV player windows. Popular demand had sinced forced the beeb to bring back the feature.

Another of the major features is the ability to pre-download programs before they air, allowing them to be watched immediately following the terrestrial transmission.

Access to the current version of the iPlayer has been patchy recently, presumably the result of upgrades being performed for the upcoming launch. The BBC hasn’t confirmed an exact launch time frame but it’s expected to be this week.

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