New version said to restore iPhone 3G performance

Apple iOS 4 due 9th September?

Apple updated the iPhone-maker’s web site with news that iOS 4.1 will be released on the 8th of September.

However the company later removed the 8th of September in line with the information ont he US and French web sites. The new iPhone Touch ships with iOS 4.1 and the company is quoting 5 to 7 business days to ship so the removal may be due to uncertainty about launch stock.

Chief among the improvements is said to be a boost in performance on older devices. Owners of iPhone 3G smartphones had often experienced considerably slow-down after installing 4.0 but technology website Lifehacker tested the 4.1 update and said iPhone 3G performance is considerably improved

The web site said that performance of iOS 4.1 was considerably improved which will likely please any iPhone 3G owners which have already updated however Life Hacker also said: "we’re still not sure it’s a big enough improvement that 3G owners will want to ditch iOS 3."

The new update will also provide HDR photo capability, address bugs such as the quirky proximity sensor and add support for the contraversial Ping social networking functionality. 

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