Speculation bubbling away that 2K Games is set to revive legendary PC shooter ? again

New Duke Nukem game in production?

One of the most anticipated PC games that never was, Duke Nukem Forever, may be brought back to life today at 6.00pm GMT (10.00am PT).

2K Games is scheduled to make a ‘big announcement’ at the PAX event today, and the specialist games press (including CVG and Kotaku) claim to have insider knowledge that it will indeed concern a sequel to the legendary PC shooter Duke Nukem 3D.

Development team Gearbox Software are rumoured to be picking up the ball where the now defunct 3D realms left off, rather than starting from scratch.

Duke Nukem Forever, in one form or another, has been in development for an incredible 13 years, with only a couple of videos and screen shots to show for it. Its scrapped at least two engines and almost all of the original content, yet demand for the title is huge – as a quick look at the Twitter feeds today will show.

We’ll find out if the legions of fans the franchise has amassed over the years are to be rewarded with a sequel – or at least the continued potential of one – tonight at 6.00.

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