IFA 2010: Consumer TVs to follow by 2013

Glasses-free 3D monitor only months away

Philips and Dutch firm Dimenco are showcasing glasses-free 3D technology at this year’s IFA, promising consumer TVs by 2013, an a professional display for sale ‘within months.’

"As a TV people will be able to buy this in three to five years, and as a monitor it’ll be available in a few months. This panel you see today is a 56-inch panel but the one we’re bringing to market will be a 52-inch model," said Maarte Tobias from Dimenco, talking to Tech Radar.

The products are based on lenticular technology, which removes the need for glasses, but still has some kinks to be ironed out. The 3D image is apparently a bit shaky when viewed from an angle, it seems.

"How it works is that we put a lenticular lens over the panel which creates a left view and a right view, each eye then sees a slightly different image and that’s why you perceive 3D," added the firm. "The panel we have here today uses CCFL LCD but it will work just as well with LED."

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