Method allows locking spammers out of accounts

Facebook adds remote log-off feature

Facebook announced a new feature which allows users to see log-ins from other computers and lock them out of their account.

Facebook will now notify users of recent activity, a similar security feature as seen on other web sites such as Internet banking portals. Facebook will show the time, computer and approximate location the account was last accessed.

Vitally the new service will also show details of other sessions if they are currently active and provide the ability to log the other session otu of the account.

Facebook users often don’t realise they are still logged into their accounts on other computers, assuming that closing a browser amounts to the same thing. However the "keep me logged in" feature means even if the computer is shut down, it’s possible to restart and gain access to the Facebook account.

The latest move follows a feature added in May which allows Facebook users to receive sms text notification of account log ins when they come from systems which have not previously been used to access Facebook.

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