Says that claims of the demise of the category are premature

Microsoft launches the Arc Touch mouse

Microsoft have launched the Arc Touch Mouse which is the first mouse to flatten for portability and pop up for comfort.

Taking fire at the prevalence of touch screens and Apple’s touch-pad peripheral, Microsoft said the mouse is "alive and well." The new mouse features a touch scroll strip where a slow accurate finger movements or fast flicks can control scrolling appropriately. 

"This is not the first time that the mouse has been threatened — look at 10 years ago when people started buying laptops that had integrated pointers and touch pads. Still, the mouse category continued to grow and grow," said Brett Ostrum, general manager for the Hardware Group at Microsoft. 

"The reasons people need external mice will not change: comfort and precision. The Arc Touch Mouse just demonstrates again how committed Microsoft is to continuing to bring great new mice to consumers."

The Arc Touch Mouse will be available for the around $70 and expected to ship before December. No word on European pricing or availability as yet.

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