Apple announces slew of new products, mostly updates

New iPods, Apple TV and iTunes

It was business as usual at Apple’s latest press briefing with the standard veil of mystery as solid as ever – and in the most part the announcements were product updates.

First up was the new versions of iOS. Version 4.1 has high dynamic range photos, which apparently takes three photos in rapid succession to create HDR photo, and Game Centre. Two execs from Epic joined Steve Jobs on stage to showcase an impressive demonstration of ‘Epic Sword.’ iOS 4.2 will be exclusive for iPads, and both are available next week.

Next was the new line of iPod’s, which Jobs described as its ‘strongest ever.’ These were ultimately incremental and miniaturising updates of the Shuffle, Nano and Touch – though the inclusion of FaceTime on Touch has interesting implications for communications with iPhones.

Jobs went on to discuss the iTunes 10, the most interesting update of which was the inclusion of Ping – a stab at social networking which he described as Facebook and Twitter meets iTunes. Users will be able to suggest music and arrange gigs, it seems.

Elsewhere, Jobs announced a new, much smaller version of the Apple TV, which will now only deal in rented media.

The conference ended in typical rock and roll style with Chris Martin from Coldplay playing Cupertino out.

For the full details of the press conference, check out our Twitter page, which had rolling updates live.

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