Envy 17 is the world's first 17-inch 3D laptop

HP launches new Envy laptop models

HP has unveiled a number of new laptops models including the 17-inch Envy 17 based on ATI’s 3D shutter technology.

The new Envy 17 is the first unit to be equipped with ATI’s 3D implementation where previous 3D laptops have used Nvidia’s 3D Vision. It’s also the first to feature a 17-inch screen and bundle the infrared transmitter for 3D glasses into the chassis itself.

The company also announced the 14-inch Envy Beats Edition which features the Beats Audio logo painted over the metal lid, up-rated Beast Audio system, 14.5-inch HD Brightview display and the signature LED-backlit keyboard. 

Following the acquisition some years ago of the Voodoo PC boutique system builders, HP has taken aim at arch-rival Dell’s Alienware brand. The Envy brand promises flashy, colourful and above all high spec laptop products targeting the lucrative enthusiast gamer market.

HP has yet to announce pricing and availability for the Eny 17 HD and the Envy Bets Edition but both are expected to launch soon and be sold direct from the HP web store in the US. 

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