IFA 2010: 29mm thick TV to appear at IFA 2010

LG to showcase 31-inch OLED 3D TV

Korean manufacturer LG Electronics will unveil a 31-inch 3D OLED television at the IFA 2010 show in Berlin.

OLED displays are based upon individually luminescent LEDs which don’t require a LED backlight as seen in traditional LCD displays. Accordingly the LG display is said to be just 29mm thick.

OLED displays have grown in popularity on mobile devices but haven’t been seen in larger display formats due to high costs and an inability to produce larger displays such as the LG unit.

LG said that the device also provided a response rate 1000 times better than that of LCD and that the display offered "perfect blacks" compared with the lower contrast ratios of traditional LCD.

Shutter-based 3D technologies operate the display device at twice the normal refresh rate and the ultra high response rate of OLED would appear to be highly suitable for the technique and LG said the display processes video at 600Hz, far beyond what LCD is capable of.

LG also said that the very narrow bezel allowed for the possibility of stacking multiple displays to create a larger 3D display. Doubtless more details will arrive after IFA 2010 gets underway.

Image credit: LG

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