PC giant answers questions online, for one week only

Dell to come clean on green policies

After cutting down on packaging and introducing more sustainable production processes, Dell is offering to come clean on its eco credentials by answering questions online.

The PC giant, which recently announced it has eliminated 8.26 million kilograms of packaging since 2008, has signed up to The Guardian’s ‘You ask, they answer’ feature. For the next few days, anyone can post a question about Dell’s environmental policy and the firm will endeavour to answer it before 5pm on Friday.

As well as decreasing its packaging, some of Dell’s boxes are made from bamboo, which the firm says is more a more sustainable resource.

“Establishing these packaging goals has transformed my team from great packaging engineers to inspired environmental champions,” said Oliver Campbell, Dell’s senior manager of global packaging. “The progress we’ve made has kept a lot of materials out of landfills, made responsible packaging disposal easier for customers and is making Dell a more environmentally responsible company.”

Current queries posted online include: "Would it not encourage more people to recycle if you paid people some sort of credit for recycling?", as well as less pertinent comments like, "Why are your printers such poor quality, and why do they use so much ink?"

To ask Dell a question, click here.

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