Vendor claims device can achieve speeds 15 times faster than wireless G products

TP-Link debuts super-fast wireless adaptor

Networking vendor TP-Link has launched the TL-WN822N, a USB wireless internet adaptor, featuring two external antennae for increased coverage.

TP-Link claims the TL-WN822N, which complies with the 11N standard, can achieve data transfer rates of up to 300Mbps 15 times the speed and five times the range of equivalent 11G products, making it ideal for web calls and streaming media.

The dual external antennae can be rotated and adjusted in different directions to improve performance.

The adaptor also boasts a quick setup security button, which establishes a highly secured connection and eliminates the need for a password.

The TL-WN822N comes with a 1.5- meter extension cable and a utility CD, which aids installation and configure wireless network settings. The device is fully compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2000.

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