Signals desire to focus on the SSD category

OCZ in commodity RAM retreat

Enthusiast PC storage component specialist OCZ has signalled a retreat from low-end commodity DRAM products according to a report.

The move will result in the discontinuation of a number of low-end consumer DRAM modules according to a report on enthusiast web site Overclock3D. The products in question accounted for the lion’s share of the company’s DRAM revenue, 70 per cent in total, but only 3 per cent gross margin.

The company intends to focus on other product areas such as high-end performance DRAM modules and the firm’s growing range of well-regarded SSD products. The report said the company is looking to transition from commodity DRAM to SSD by November.

OCZ have been a successful brand in the SSD space and with NAND flash prices falling for the first time in over a year and a half, the expectation is that the SSD category will gain popularity with rising capacities and lower costs per gigabyte.

The company is likely to find higher margin enthusiast product categories more attractive, however. OCZ recently launched a high-end PCI-Express SSD card called the RevoDrive available in 50 to 480GB capacities.

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