Cracked copies of Office and Photoshop available from FTP site

Iran runs public ‘warez server’

An Iranian government agency has been operating a freely accessible FTP server which contains a number of pirated software packages including Microsoft Office.

The Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology is the state-operated research department which has been operating the server at as discovered by members of file sharing enthusiast web site Torrentfreak

Present on the server were a number of versions of Microsoft Office, Front Page and Powerpoint while Adobe’s Photoshop also appeared. Each was accompanied with pirate serial numbers or cracks to circumvent copy protection schemes.

While the revelation may be embarassing for the government agency it would seem unlikely to fear any ramifications given the combination of International relations at an all time low and the fact Iranian law doesn’t recognise International copyright in any event.

Access to the site has since been restricted with a password.

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