200W, 250W and 260W are among the models affected

Garmin recall hits 1.25m GPS units

US GPS manufacturer Garmin has issued a recall on a number of models of the firm’s Nuvi GPS navigation products.

The recall is down to the possibility of overheating. The models affected are the 200W, 250W, 260W, 7xx and 7xxT models where xx is a double digit. Exact models affected depend on the serial number which can be checked on this page.

Garmin said that the company was only aware of fewer than 10 units malfunctioning in this way but the problem is related to proximity with the internal battery and given the volatility of overheating lithium ion batteries, the company is wisely taking no chances.

The units are rather more popular in the US than in Europe, with 800m of the affected products having been sold in the Americas. Returned units will be updated by Garmin with the addition of thermal insulation between the PCB and the battery.

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