Next generation processor architecture due in 2011

AMD reveals Bobcat and Bulldozer CPU details

AMD has announced details of two new processor designs called "Bulldozer" and "Bobcat" aimed at high performance PCs and low-power applications.

The new processor designs are the first major revision in AMD processor architecture since the K7. The first processors will use 32nm fabrication technology with the first processors to appear being aimed at the server market.

"Bulldozer and Bobcat are not only two of the greatest technical achievements in AMD’s rich history, but two of the most important for the industry as well," said AMD technology development boss Chekib Akrout.

The new AMD designs take aim at Intel’s continued domination of the processor market, both in the high end such as the recent six core i7-980X and the low-end market with the Intel Atom processors such as the recent dual-core Atom N550.

The Bulldozer architecture has been designed to boost performance on multi-threaded applications and make better use of multiple cores. Several components are to be shared across cores which the company claims will reduce die space and power consumption.

AMD also said that the Bulldozer processor is capable of alternating between the common and seperate features dynamically in order to gain the maximum performance per watt. The company will also be using the new processor design in the "Fusion" platform of integrated CPU/GPU chips which AMD has dubbed the APU.

"With CPUs and APUs built from these core implementations, we expect our customers to deliver a new wave of innovative PC form factors and high-performance computing experiences," added Akrout.

PCPer has a detailed write up with AMD slides. 

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