$5 charge designed to cut down on malicious developer accounts

Google to charge for Chrome Web Store signup fee

Google announced that it would introduce a developer sign up fee and a domain verification system to the new Chrome Web Store.

Google product manager Gregor Hochmuth wrote on the Chromium blog, "We designed security into the extensions system from day 1 but we’re always looking for more ways to protect users. So, today, we are introducing two significant changes in the Google Chrome Extensions Gallery: a developer signup fee and a domain verification system."

The company is charging developers the sign up fee before they are able to publish extensions and themes in the extension gallery as well as the upcoming Chrome web applications expected to launch later this year. 

The domain verification system will allow develoeprs to associate their extensions and applications with domains they own or manage using Google’s Webmaster Tools. "This way, they can clearly associate their extension with their brand and website, which in turn will help users identify “official” extensions in the gallery," said Hochmuth.

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