Says open systems traditionally overtake closed counterparts

Acer chairman expects iPad market share to drop to 20%

Acer chairman JT Wang said that he expects Apple’s tablet market share to drop to 20%, citing Android handsets overtaking the iPhone.

Speaking in an interview with the  Chinese newspaper Economic Daily News, Wang stated that closed platforms had traditionally been surpassed by closed platforms and that Android smartphone operating system outselling Apple’s iPhone was an example of the trend.

Wang said that he expects Apple market share to fall between 20 and 30 per cent of tablet market share following the introduction of rival products including those from Acer. Wang didn’t elaborate on a time frame for the prediction other than saying when the market matures.

Acer appeared to nail their hopes on Android becoming the dominant operating system on tablets, saying that time would only strengthen the capabilities and opportunities for Google’s open source operating system.

The Taiwanese manufacturer had previously shown a tablet prototype with an attached keyboard similar to an e-reader like the Amazon Kindle with the device expected to arrive in September or October this year. However rumours from the Chinese press have indicated that the company will wait until Android 3.0 with products to arrive in early 2011.

Android 3.0 is attractive to tablet manufacturers due to support for higher screen resolutions and new measures designed to curb the hardware fragmentation that has plagued Android smartphones such as the introduction of a minimum hardware specification.

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