Forrester research says the iPad has 'created a halo'

27m Americans plan to buy a tablet

A report from Forrester Research says that 14 per cent or 27 million Americans intend to buy a tablet computer next year.

The new report finds a surprising demand for tablets and that much of the demand will fall outside of the iPad itself with potential new tablet owners being aware of other upcoming brands of tablets.

"The success of the Apple iPad has created a halo around tablets in general: Consumers are interested in these devices, even if they’re confused about what they actually are," Forrester said.

The survey showed an unsurprising tend of current Mac owners saying that they would purchase an iPad but this was only 27 per cent compared with 18 per cent of respondants saying they would buy "any tablet."

Owners of other brands such as Dell and Toshiba were as likely to answer "any tablet" as the "iPad" but the survey did indicate a much larger tendancy to consider a tablet for purchase in the next year among Apple owners. 

"US online consumers who own or intend to buy iPads and other tablets fit a typical early-adopter profile, and their characteristics have implications for product strategists designing tablets to compete with the iPad. They own multiple PCs and connected devices; they’re voracious media consumers; and they have an affinity for other Apple products but aren’t exclusively "Apple-ites." 

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