Accepting developer uploads ahead of the public launch

Google opens Chrome Web Store to developers

Google has announced that it has opened the upcoming Chrome Web Store for developers to submit applications.

Google Developers can now start uploading apps and experiment with packaging them, installing them in Chrome (using the latest Chrome dev channel) and integrating our payments and user authentication infrastructure.

The announcement appeared in a blog post which also hosts a YouTube video with Google developer advocate Arne Roomann-Kurrik introducing the Chrome Web Store.

"We wanted to make the experience of launching an app, quick and direct just like a desktop application so we’ve retooled the Chrome tab system to display a list of your most commonly used apps," said Roomann-Kurrik.

Powerful features such as geo-location and signalling require user permissions in much the same way as the Android operating system does. Roomann-Kurrik showed how the company has seemingly learned from the over complex and easily ignorable approach on Android and implemented a "install flow" system which walks users through permissions required for applications. 

Roomann-Kurrik also sold up the new Google Chrome Web Store as offering strong search and categorisation features as well as being built into the new version of the Chrome browser. Google is also expected to launch a web version of the Android marketplace and it’s likely to use many of the same features.

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