Only available in black, Mini 1012 remains more colourful

Dell launches Mini 1018 netbook

Dell has launched the new Mini 1018 netbook, a design and spec refresh from the PC maker’s previous Mini 1012.

The new model updates the Intel ATOM CPU to the DDR3 compatible N455 and adds buttons in front of the trackpad. 802.11n wireless capability has also been added. Dell will, however, retain the 1012 model which can be personalised with a range of colours or 130 different designs and can also spec the Broadcom media accelerator for 1080p video playback.

"The Mini 1018 is also as beautiful to behold as it is tech saavy. It may only come in one colour, but when that colour is a slick high gloss Obsidian Black, you can expect it to turn heads," wrote Dell blogger Melanie D. 

"The Mini 1018 also features the same curvy new hinge-forward design as the Mini 1012 and Inspiron R series, and a new textured palmrest. Another show stopper – a touch pad with discrete buttons and single gesture functionality!" 

The Mini 1018 starts from £279 on the Dell store

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