AMD gains in mobile but loses in server processors

Intel loses CPU market share to rivals

Chip maker Intel lost CPU market share against rivals in the second quarter according to a new IDC report.

The technology giant continued to dominate with an 80.7% market share overall but this was down 0.3% from the previous quarter. AMD market share rose 0.2% to 19% overall according to the report.

AMD’s gain is down to success in mobile processors in the main which grew 1.6% at the expense of Intel’s 1.7% market share loss, however Intel did much better against a poor performance from AMD in the server processor category with Intel and AMD trading 3.3% market share in Intel’s favor. 

"While the PC processor vendors re-iterated their solid outlook during their most recent earnings calls, the softness we’ve seen ultimately makes us concerned for end demand’s pull on processors," said IDC PC research director Shane Rau.

"Likely, the second half of the year will be seasonal given the early build for Intel’s Sandy Bridge and AMD’s Fusion architecture launches, but lower than the year-over-year growth seen in the first half of the year. 2011 remains a wildcard in terms of sustainable unit growth."

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