First application is error correction in Flash memory controllers

Lyric unveils radical new probability processing technology

An MIT spinoff technology company called Lyric Semiconductor has created a chip which uses a technique called "propability processing" to solve tricky technical problems.

The first application of the new technology will be found in the new Lyric Error Correction (LEC) chip which is is 30 times smaller than digital error correction chips. These savings will make improvement to Flash memory systems which use heavy error correction to make up for high error rates inherent in the technology.

Lyric will be licensing the technology to manufacturers so rather than providing an actual LEC chip, technology companies will more likely build LEC into existing designs for memory controllers within Flash devices. 

The "propability processing" computation approach also has ramifications for more general computing issues where results depend on calculating probabilities rather than digital conditions such as spam filtering.

Lyric is developing a more general purpose probability calculator called the GP5, which the company says could be used to power certain types of applications up to 1,000 times faster than general purpose CPUs from Intel and AMD. 

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