Marketing slides advocate gaming on multi-core CPUs

Intel promotes multi-threaded ‘software ecosystem’

Intel marketing slides show how the chipmaker plans to demonstrate software support for the new six-core Core i7-980X processor.

The presentation, titled ‘Intel Enables the Software Ecosystem’, is a demonstration of software which benefits from the firm’s high-end multi-core processors, specifically the new Core i7-980X extreme.

Revealed on hardware enthusiast website HardOCP, the slides show a mixture of applications from productivity to PC gaming.

With parallelism now the focus of high end processors from Intel and AMD, the latest generation such as the Core i7-980X support up to 12 parallel processing threads thanks to the six cores and two-threads-per-core hyperthreading technology. 

Such massive parallelism presents particular challenges for software support and much of the presentation seeks to show PC Gamers, the traditional market for high end consumer processors such as the 980X, will benefit from a six core processor.

The presentation is an informative state-of-play regarding multi-threaded software applications so, as HardOCP said, they are "worth a quick look at the least."

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