Expansion of SSD range and new Sandy Bridge CPUs

Intel 2011 roadmap leaked

A German website has posted images purporting to be leaked Intel slides ,revealing details of new products due in 2011.

Intel will alter the naming scheme of upcoming "Sandy Bridge" CPUs with one of the new quad core 3.8GHz CPUs called the Intel Core i7-2600K where the letter indicates a 95W thermal design according to German website Computer Base. S and T will be used for 65W and 55W respectively if the slides are genuine. 

New Intel products will include four mobile "Huron River" chipsets, the HM65, HM67, QM67 and QS67. Same time, Intel will offer a new wireless adapter with WiMAX or Bluetooth, and a new Gigabit LAN chip. Intel will also offer a new wireless adaptor with WiMAX and Bluetooth as well as a new Gigabit LAN part. 

The well received Intel range of SSD drives also looks set for a boost with a number of new products based on the chipmaker’s new 25nm flash technology. The new drives will be larger with capacities up to 400GB, offer higher write performance and support encryption.

Computer Base has subsequently said that it has removed the slides at the request of Intel.

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