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Faster and lower power DDR "toggle mode" technology on the way

New Toshiba flash memory set to triple SSD speeds

Japanese electronics giant Toshiba has launched a new variety of double data rate "toggle mode" flash memory.

The new 32 nanometer NAND flash has the capability to boost performance through the roof as well as reducing power consumption. The new technology will be available in multi level cell (MLC) and single layer cell (SLC) configurations with the latter capable of 133 million transfers a second up from the 40 million.

Toshiba said that it will have 32, 64 and 128 gigabit SLC capacity chips and 64, 128 and 256 gigabit MLC chips shipping soon and furthermore predicted that a second generation of toggle mode memory may be able to manage up to 400 million transfers. 

Pricing or commercialisation details aren’t known at this stage but performance and power advantages of the technology will have considerable ramifications in many categories of devices from smartphones to camcorders and SSD drives. 

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