Crowd stunned by ground breaking 60fps mobile graphics

John Carmack unveils iPhone Rage demo at QuakeCon

Quake developer and Id Software boss John Carmack gave a demonstration of the Rage game engine running on the iPhone at QuakeCon in Dallas. 

The king of videogame graphics, John Carmack, took the stage at the inaugural QuakeCon event in Dallas, Texas, and showed off the latest game engine from the upcoming Id Software game Rage. The difference is that rather than showing it on a PC with monster graphics hardware, Carmack showed a live video feed from an iPhone 4. 

The level of detail and the 60 frames per second fluidity are clearly well beyond anything seen on the platform before however Carmack also said "it runs pretty great on an original 2G iPhone". The demo is representative of a new approach that Carmack said he had been investigating when looking to develop a game for the Wii.

"In many ways this is incredible cool on an ipad where the touch… the visceral feel of moving the thing around is very very neat," said Carmack during the demo.

The achievement did not appear to be lost on Carmack, saying at the end of the presentation "There’s my little demo there, which I was kind of proud of," to applause from the QuakeCon attendees. 

No hard details were revealed on the actual iPhone game yet but it is expected to be available in the Apple App store later in the year with a second game planned by the time Rage appears on the PC in 2011 some time.

A video of the Rage engine running on the iPhone can be seen here

Image credit: QuakeCon

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